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What Do School Nurses Do?

The Newark Public School Certified Registered Nurses are lifesavers.

What do school nurses do?

What is a typical day for a school nurse?

School nurses provide a wide range of services to students and school personnel. In addition to mandated screenings of vision, hearing, and height/weight, school nurses administer medications, monitor students with chronic health conditions such as asthma or diabetes, administer first aid, train school staff on a variety of health issues, and serve on school and district committees to address student behavior and achievement. Nurses communicate with healthcare providers, develop individualized healthcare plans, create emergency treatment plans, and collaborate with parents to provide care and support student attendance. School nurses conduct screening programs for preschool and kindergarten admission and administer pre-participation physicals for middle and high school athletes. They counsel pregnant students, assist students and their families to secure appropriate healthcare, and provide formal and informal health teaching. In addition, school nurses support school personnel with health problems and organize programs focused on managing hypertension, losing weight, and stress management.