Message From Dr. Reilly

Dear Teachers and Staff,

During the past few summers, brilliant work by our educators have produced important enrichment opportunities for students. This last summer saw students engaged in the High School Musical Theater (HSMT) and the Middle School Summer Stem Academy (MSSSA).

We recognize summer as an important time to reinforce and extend school-year learning while offering enrichment activities and opportunities not available during the school year. In preparation for summer 2023, Superintendent Léon is inviting proposals for summer enrichment courses that include culminating products/projects such as a musical production or the development of a lunar colony with a programmed rover–to name but two.

Please use this link to submit your proposal. There you will provide the name and description of the course, the amount of weeks needed, the ideal enrollment number, the targeted grade levels of students (PreK through Grade 12), a description of the culminating product or project, and a proposed budget.

Superintendent Léon will be leading the review of the proposals. Please submit your proposal by October 21, 2022. 

Link to Proposals:

Dr. Reilly



Register for the Panasonic Student Eco-Citizenship Program

Contact: Kathleen Tierney, Office of Science

Registration is now open for the Panasonic Student Eco Citizenship Program for teachers of students in grades 5-8.   The program is standards-aligned and provides free lessons and resources.  Students are challenged with defining environmental issues, creating actions to solve them, and then applying the actions in their community.  More information can be found at


Writing Competition for HS Students 

Contact: Jazleen Othman, Office of Teaching & Learning

The Newark Public Library and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center are hosting a City-wide writing contest for high school aged youth living in Newark.  Entries may be in the form of real memories, personal essays, or fictional short stories about a student’s experience living in Newark.


NBOE/Rutgers Newark FAFSA with Friends — Financial Aid Sessions 

Contact: Vernon Pullins Jr., OSL/Student Support Services

NBOE and Rutgers-Newark invites all 2023 High School Seniors, Families, and School Counselor to join us to learn more about:

  • The FAFSA application process
  • Information needed to file the FAFSA
  • Valuable financial aid info and deadlines
  • Our RU-N to the TOP Financial Aid Scholarship


September 27th: FAFSA Information night for families at Science Park HS at 5:00pm
September 28th: NJ AFAA and HESAA Information session for families at Central HS at 5:00pm
September 29th: FAFSA Information night for families at University HS at 5:00pm

See attached flyer.


Opt Out Release of Student Information 

Contact: Vernon Pullins Jr., OSL/Student Support Services

Dear HS Counselors,

Re: Opt Out Release of Student Information to Military, College Recruiters or Prospective Employers

Please see attached instructions for Release of Student Information (a link is included to each school’s Google Drive file and helpful instructions), the release form and a list of OSL School Liaisons for 2022-2023. Also, attached you will find a blank Microsoft Word form for your immediate use.

Upload requested information to your school’s Google Drive by Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

Thank you.


Mentor Training (New)

Contact: Dana Mishoe, Educator Effectiveness
Mentor orientation and training will take place on October 5th  @ 4 pm. Anyone serving as a mentor is required to attend.

Please register here: 

Meeting Information: 
Password: mentor12022


Newark Board of Education: City-Wide School Fair (MARK YOUR CALENDAR) (New)

Contact: Ivelisse Woodson, OPPET
We are excited to celebrate all participating schools at the City-Wide School Fair on Saturday, November 5, 2022! 

The event will take place at Barringer High School, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Please mark your calendars and be on the lookout for NBOE School Fair Flyer.


Week of Respect & School Violence Prevention Week (New)

Contact: Rashon Dwight & Mary Garripoli, Student Support Services
Email: mgarripoli@nps.k12.nj.usPlease be reminded that October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.  As part of the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, schools are mandated to provide programming around Bullying Prevention and School Violence Awareness & Prevention. The Week of Respect is October 3rd – 7th, 2022 and School Violence Awareness Week is October 17th – 21st, 2022. Attached are links for suggested resources and activities that can enhance your educational programming.


McKinney-Vento Resource Hour (New)

Contact: Ana Osoria, Student Support Services
Email: a1osoria@nps.k12.nj.usThe McKinney-Vento Resource Hour is a monthly virtual presentation featuring a different community agency that will discuss strategies, resources, and information on specific areas that affect our most vulnerable population, homeless and displaced families.


BMRC + LMRC Leadership Series Kick-off (New)

Contact: Matthew Brewster, Director, Office of Staff Development
Email: MBrewster@nps.k12.nj.usThe Office of Staff Development is excited to present the Black Men Rising Coalition (BMRC) + Latino Men Rising Coalition (LMRC) Leadership Series Kick-Off Event, featuring Robert Jackson author of Becoming the Educator They Need: Strategies, Mindsets, and Beliefs for Supporting Male Black and Latino Students.  

Date/Time: October 19, 2022/4:00pm
Location: TBD (In-Person)

Please forward the registration form linked below to all identified candidates from your respective schools to ensure registration no later than Friday, October 7, 2022.



The Office of Special Education (New)

Contact: Candice Wells, The Office of Special Education
Email: c1wells@nps.k12.nj.usThe DLM Assessment window will open in October. DLM PD for CSTs and Teachers who support students with DLM in their IEP are scheduled for October 3, 2022. Workshop information is in SchoolMint Grow. Please check with your building principal for coverage.  

Students with an IEP are not exempt from participation in a district and/or state assessment. In a few cases, a student’s IEP may indicate participation in an alternate assessment such as the Dynamic Learning Map.

Please see this Google Doc for additional details:


Bootstrap Algebra & Data Science Professional Development (New)

Contact: Darleen Gearhart
Email: Dgearhart@nps.k12.nj.usBootstrap: Algebra and Data Science apply mathematical concepts and rigorous programming principles to creating a simple video game while teaching algebra and geometric concepts through the computer programming. The unit is aligned to National/ State Standards for Mathematics, as well as the CSTA standards and K12CS frameworks and can be taught as a separate, standalone tech or can be integrated into a math class. Professional development sessions are October 19, December 3, February 1, March 15, and April 1. Sessions are open to grades 6-9 math teachers.



New Teacher Induction – October (New)

Contact: Herb Daughtry, Educator Effectiveness
Email: evaluations@nps.k12.nj.usOctober 4th – New Teacher Induction

The second New Teacher Induction session will take place on Tuesday, October 4th  4-6pm.  All teachers who are new to Newark (regardless of previous years of experience) are expected to attend at least 6 of the 10 monthly sessions that will be offered this year. One of the sessions will focus on developing your Multilingual Learners, led by the Office of Bilingual Education.

The meeting link and other session descriptions can be found in the schedule linked here:

October Registration:


Health, Physical Education & Athletics Office Hours (New)

Contact: Krystal Rhett, Office of Health, Physical Education & Athletics
Email: KRhett@nps.k12.nj.usThe Office of Health, Physical Education and Athletics will be hosting office hours for teachers. During the months of September and October, we will cover the following topics during the sessions in addition to discussing best practices and providing resources to support student achievement:

  • Health & PE Curricular Guides Review and Implementation
  • K-12 SPARK PE Curriculum
  • KidsFit

Elementary H/PE Teachers

  • Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:00-3:45

High School H/PE Teachers:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-3:45

Registration Link:


Free Virtual Yoga Classes for NBOE Staff (New)

Contact: Jennifer Rodriguez, Office of Federal Programs and Grants
Email: J20rodriguez@nps.k12.nj.usThanks to grant funding, the Newark Board of Education has partnered with Newark Yoga Movement to offer free yoga classes twice a month starting in October through June 2023. Breathing techniques, gentle movement and relaxation are included in each 45-minute class. No prior experience needed to participate.

Register through Whetstone for the sessions you would like to attend using the links in the attached flyer.



Teacher Grants, Student Contests, and Revolutionary War Resources

The New Jersey Society, Sons of the American Revolution (NJSSAR) provides several grants and contests open to all educators and students. Deadlines include:

  1. History Teacher of the Year Grants – December 1, 2022
  2. High School Essay Contest – December 5, 2022
  3. Middle School Brochure Contest – December 19, 2022
  4. High School Oration Contest – January 31, 2023
  5. Elementary School Poster Contest – March 15, 2023

Also, New Jersey is the “Crossroads of the Revolution”. More battles and skirmishes happened here than in any other state. We live in an open classroom. The NJSSAR is ready to help educators share the rich history of our state during the founding era. We can start with “Rev War in a Box”.  Partnering with Washington Crossing Historic Park (WCHP), NJSSAR is proud to present WCHP’s teacher-created materials. These educational resources interpret the ongoing impact of the American Revolution on world history for today’s citizens and future generations and are designed to support further exploration. WCHP offers “Camp-in-a-Box” and “History Chests” for hands-on learning with theme classroom lessons. These can be rented and picked up from WCHP or delivered to your school by a member of the NJSSAR Color Guard in 18th Century uniform of the 3rd NJ Regiment. Some resources are available at no cost for schools receiving Title I funding.

Finally, they have a gratis service to consult with educators to find speakers, living historians, and authors about the American Revolution and to facilitate tours and lectures at New Jersey’s many revolutionary war sites. Requests can be made at this link:

For more information, visit


Earn $1,000 for each teacher referral!

Contact: Carlos Reyes, Human Resource Services
Email: c1reyes@nps.k12.nj.usEarn $1,000 for each candidate successfully hired in hard-to-staff areas!

How It Works

  1. Visit and complete the form for each candidate you refer.
  2. Tell the candidate to apply online at Ask the candidate you’re referring, to include your name in response to the question “How did you learn about this position?”
  3. For each referral we hire for the start of the 2022-23 school year, you receive a bonus. It’s that easy!

Still have questions? Send an email to for more information.


New NJDOE Teacher Certification Portal

Contact: Liz Taylor, Human Resource Services
Email: certifications@nps.k12.nj.usThe NJ Department Of Education no longer uses TCIS. The new portal is NJ Ed Cert.

Please make sure all of your Instructional, Educational Services and/or Administrator certificates are current.  The Certifications team can be reached via email at  to answer your certification questions.  You can also contact Ms. Taylor at ext.7251.


SEL/Mental Health Programming Supports SY 22-23 

Contact: Mary Harvey, Office of Student Life – Student Support Services

Attached is an informational resource on the NBOE SEL/Mental Health Programming Supports being delivered for the 2022-2023 school year.  As you move forward through the school year, should you have questions and/or need support, you may contact our office.


2022-2023 Payroll Calendars

Contact: Dimple Patel, Human Resource Services

Welcome to the new school year! Please be guided by the attached new Payroll Calendar for SY 2022-2023, as well as Supplemental Pay Schedule. 


NBOE Grading Policy – SIS Implementation

Contact: Darren Watsky, Student Information Services

The updated NBOE grading policy calls for two grade categories: Summative and Formative Assessments. These categories are delivered district wide to every PowerTeacher gradebook. The policy calls for all grades to be calculated using a GPA point scale. PowerTeacher now averages all grades on a scale proportional to the 4 point GPA scale. The Uniform Grading Policy – SIS Implementation document provides more detail.


Inactivating Gradebook Categories

Contact: Darren Watsky, Student Information Services

NBOE updated the grading guidelines and now uses two categories of assignments to determine a student’s grade: Summative Assessments and Formative Assessments. These two categories have been delivered to all teachers’ gradebook. If other categories are used for assignments in PowerTeacher Pro, the assignments will not count for the student’s overall grade. All categories should be made inactive except for the two categories that are district wide categories in all gradebooks. Use the Inactivating Gradebook Categories document to view and edit your gradebook categories as needed.


SY 22-23 Leadership Pipelines

Contact: Genell Jackson-Lampley, Office of Staff Development

Priority 4.3

The district is intentionally building various pipelines to develop the next generation of leaders for our schools. Our district-wide pipelines are designed to develop and produce cohorts of school leaders who can improve teaching, learning and student achievement in our schools.

If you are interested, please complete the appropriate form linked below no later than Friday, September 30, 2022. Both links may lead candidates to apply for a Master’s in Educational Leadership program at Montclair State University.

Leadership Pipeline SY 22-23



2022-2023 Educational Technology Office Hours

Contact: Timothy Nellegar, Office of Educational Technology

The Office of Educational Technology will have virtual office hours every Monday from 3:00p-3:45p. This will allow educators to drop in, receive a quick training on an educational technology strategy or platform and to ask questions to help them better use technology in their classroom.

To join office hours, please use this link:

We look forward to seeing you there.



Certification Team Office Hours 

Contact: Eboni Lee, Human Resource Services

To help support the transition of administrators and teachers, the Certifications team will be relaunching their Virtual Office Hours and beginning a Professional Development series on “Everything Certifications”.

Please register for these events:

  1. Virtual Office Hours: September 16th – 3:30PM-4:30PM
  2. Virtual Office Hours: September 22nd – 3:30PM-4:30PM
  3. Virtual Office Hours: September 28th – 3:30PM-4:30PM
  4. Professional Development: What is the difference between a Certificate of Eligibility and Certification of Eligibility with Advanced Standing? September 30th – 3:30PM-4:30PM

Use the link below to register for the events.


Helpful Links from the ELA Department 

Contact: Lisa Trobaugh, Office of ELA

The Office of Teaching and Learning is excited to welcome you to the 2022/2023 school year!

Please see below to access a few helpful links to start the school year.

The Office of ELA Office Hours

The Writing Revolution Cohort Training Registration Links

NBOE ELA Grades K-12 Curricula


Disciplinary Guide 

Contact: Mary Garripoli, Office of Student Life

The attachment contains the revised Disciplinary Guidebook.

  Teacher Talk will be delivered every other Monday.

The submission deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

To support and encourage highly effective instruction, Teacher Talk synthesizes information and resources that will help NPS teachers meet the expectations of the framework for effective teaching. Please open the form with Firefox or Chrome in order to add attachments.

You may submit items for inclusion in the Teacher Talk newsletter via this form:


NBOE in the News

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