A Message from Dr. Reilly

Dear Teachers and Instructional Staff,

In early April, Marisol Diaz and I were invited to observe Tenille Wasek’s 3rd grade ESL class at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School. Ms. Wasek was participating in the 3rd Grade Writing Residency that I was teaching. During the 90-minute class we observed greatness. Children were using appositives to introduce one another, modifying sentences by including subordinating clauses, and thinking about potential themes in the Jack in the Beanstalk stories they had been reading. 

Great teaching. Great learning. 

Similarly, I opened an email last week that included slides from Nicole Valmont’s 2nd grade class at Chancellor Ave. Elementary School. On the slides were examples of the teacher’s writing model and then the students’ independent work. These too were excellent as children were solidifying their knowledge of Shays’ Rebellion while also learning to use dependent clauses to expand their thinking and writing. Ms. Valmont participates in Heather Lieberman’s 2nd Grade Writing Residency. There are many teachers from these residencies I could have written about. These two are representative of the quality work all of these teachers are producing with their students. 

Research is clear that choice matters, as does the quality of professional learning.  In a REL report (2007), the researchers found that teachers who received substantial professional development—an average of 49 hours in the nine studies—boosted their students’ achievement by about 21 percentile points. Further what is learned during PD is critical too.  In a meta-analysis (Hill, Lynch, Gonzalez, and Pollard Source, 2020) of research about STEM teachers’ professional learning, the authors found that these three factors were most significant in raising achievement:

  1. PD focused on new curriculum materials. 
  2. Programs aimed at improving teachers’ knowledge of content, pedagogy, and/or how students learn. 
  3. Programs that included meetings to troubleshoot and discuss classroom implementation of the program, same-school participation and collaboration, and/or summer workshops that allowed for concentrated learning time.

Investing in you represents the most significant method for improving academic outcomes for students. I know that does not surprise you. The paid residencies, which began as an experiment, will be continued because there is a clear benefit to both teachers and their students as evidenced by the quality of student work being produced in the classrooms of teachers who are in the residencies.

I am mentioning this today because I am excited to announce the paid summer residencies that are being offered across all content areas for May through August. I want to encourage you to review the offerings and to sign up. You can access the schedule through this link:

Most of the residencies will be held virtually. 

Dr. Reilly 


Hill, H.C, Lynch, K., Gonzalez, K.E., and Pollard Source, C. (2020). “Professional development that improves STEM outcome.” The Phi Delta Kappan (101, 5, pp. 50-56). https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/26898130.pdf 

Yoon, K. S., Duncan, T., Lee, S. W.-Y., Scarloss, B., & Shapley, K. (2007). Reviewing the evidence on how teacher professional development affects student achievement (Issues & Answers Report, REL 2007–No. 033). Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance, Regional Educational Laboratory Southwest. Retrieved from http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/edlabs



May 2022 – Mental Health Awareness Month (New)

Contact: Samantha Parreiral
Email: sparreiral@nps.k12.nj.us

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Therefore, let’s bring further knowledge and support to our students, staff, and community by sharing the importance of mental health awareness. This year, the National Alliance on Mental Health is amplifying the message of Together for Mental Health. Together we are stronger.

By Friday, May 27, 2022, please submit the google form with your artifacts.

Attached please find a list of recommended activities that you can do within your school. Please feel free to be creative.

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NBOE Career Day Celebration May 16-20th, 2022 (New)

Contact: LaTonya D. White
Email: ldwhite@nps.k12.nj.us

All Elementary and Middle Schools will celebrate Career Day during the week of May 16-20th, 2022. This celebration should include school-wide programs or activities in which various career professionals engage with schools to share information about their occupations, the education and skills required to become a success in that field.

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Learning Ally Audiobook Platform Available for Students (New)

Contact: Lisa Trobaugh
Email: ltrobaugh@nps.k12.nj.us

Teachers, please remember that our students have access to the audio book platform, Learning Ally. This platform offers audio access to over 80,000 titles. Students can listen to popular books and also follow along with highlighted text. Please use this link below to support your implementation of Learning Ally.

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Schoology Professional Development (New)

Contact: Timothy Nellegar
Email: tnellegar@nps.k12.nj.us

The district has begun utilizing Schoology as a Learning Management System. In preparation for this platform we are offering the following trainings in Schoology Foundations: 

  • Elementary Teachers: Wednesday, May 11th or Tuesday, May 24th from 4:00-6:00pm
  • High School Teachers: Thursday, May 12th or Wednesday, May 25th from 3:30-5:30pm

These virtual sessions will prepare you to use this platform with your students that will allow you far more options in your LMS than you currently have including a direct link to your gradebook.

  • Register to attend here.

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The Office of Special Education (New)

Contact: Amy Woods
Email: a1woods@nps.k12.nj.us

The week of May 8th is Special Education Week. A token of appreciation is being sent to all special education teachers at Newark Public Schools. Special Education Teachers can stop by their CST office to pick up their gift. May is also Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM)! 2022 marks the 50th year of this iteration. See the attached for info on a poster contest offered by OSE. Additional PD information is also enclosed.

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AIA (American Institute of Architects) Newark & Suburban Student Art Contest (New)

Contact: Jazleen Othman
Email: jothman@nps.k12.nj.us

Please take a moment to read the attached flyer and encourage students in grades 6th-12th to participate.  The contest helps students understand and appreciate the value and importance of architecture and also for some to consider a career in the profession.

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2022 Parent University May & June ‘22 Courses (New)

Contact: Mariah Alston
Email: m1alston@nps.k12.nj.us

Please share the May/June flyer for Parent University with your students and their families to spread the word. We want to have as many parents as possible benefit from what is being offered.

NBOE Parent University is a system-wide learning program to provide resources, learning opportunities, and linkages for ongoing parent and family involvement and community engagement that supports student learning. We have an abundance of courses being offered in the months of May and June.


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2022 Parent University Spanish Series! (New)

Contact: Mariah Alston
Email: m1alston@nps.k12.nj.us

We are excited to announce a Spanish Parent University Series for May/June 2022. Please share the attached flyer and translated explanation below with your students and their families.

Universidad de Padres llevará a cabo una serie de 4 cursos en español de mayo a junio titulada “Salud Socioemocional y el Desarollo Académico de su hijo/a”. Las fechas y el horario de cada sesión se pueden encontrar en el volante, así como en el enlace al sitio web de la Universidad de Padres donde puede acceder a la sesión en vivo.

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Escrow Reminder (New)

Contact: Maribel James, Human Resource Services
Email: npscompensation@nps.k12.nj.us

This is a reminder that the Escrow Deductions will end Friday, May 27, 2022. For your convenience, see attached guide on how to navigate Escrow through ESS (Employee Self Service). Please feel free to log into ESS to view the option you have selected. The refund dates are as follows for the option you have selected:

  • One Check Option – issued in one (1) lump sum on Friday, June 10, 2022.
  • Four Check Option – issued in four (4) equal installments on July 22ndAugust 5thAugust 19th and September 2nd 2022.

If you wish to discontinue, kindly do so through the ESS process. Open enrollment starts May 1st through July 15th of each year.

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Garden State Health Plan beginning 7/1/2022 (New)

Contact: Jennifer Medina
Email: j1medina@nps.k12.nj.us

As required by Chapter 44, NBOE began offering the NJ Educators Health Plan (NJEHP) to all employees beginning 1/1/21.

Beginning July 1, 2022, NBOE will offer the second plan required by Chapter 44, the Garden State Health Plan (GSHP). To enable employees to enroll in the GSHP, there will be a Special Enrollment window from May 31 – June 6, 2022.

There will be detailed information about the GSHP plan provisions, network, cost and the Special Enrollment Period posted on HRconnection.com (nboe) and emailed to eligible employees by May 17.

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Noom is Coming (New)

Contact: Jennifer Medina
Email: j1medina@nps.k12.nj.us

The next phase of our NBOE Well initiative is coming June 1, 2022!

All NBOE employees who participate in one of the district’s Aetna medical plans will have the opportunity to participate in the Noom Healthy Lifestyle Program free of charge.

You will be receiving a lot more information from NBOE Benefits and Noom over the coming weeks about the Noom Program and how to enroll.

For those of you who are not familiar with Noom, here for a short video about the program:

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Calendar Updates and End-of-Year Activities

Important Calendar Updates
As shared by Superintendent León, please see below the revised School Calendar SY21-22, as well as the calendars for SY22-23:

End-of-Year Activities
Below are upcoming events during the month of June:

  • Senior Trip: June 3rd
  • Teacher of the Year: June 8th
  • Math Olympics: June 3rd (Virtual) / June 7th and June 8th  (In-Person)
  • Academic Achievers Award Ceremony: June 10th
  • Science Olympics: June 14th – June 16th (High Schools Only) 
  • Graduation Ceremonies: June 23rd

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In Celebration of Juneteenth

Contact: Jazleen Othman
Email: jothman@nps.k12.nj.us

All K-5 classroom teachers will be receiving a beautiful text in honor of the upcoming Juneteenth. Books will be arriving at your schools this week. Please take a moment to read this special announcement. We can’t wait to see how you bring these books alive!

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Retrieving your PD Certificate from Whetstone

Contact: Dana Moore-Mishoe
Email: evaluations@nps.k12.nj.us

This quick video tutorial will help you navigate to and print the certificate from Professional Development training you were registered for in Whetstone and have attended.

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Expired Certification Notification

Contact: Eboni Lee
Email: e2lee@nps.k12.nj.us

You will receive a notice via email from the Certification Team regarding provisional renewals and/or standard application. Please note, instructions on applying for the renewal and/or standard certification(s) will be given in the message. We highly advise that you adhere to the guidance in the email to avoid certification lapses.

Virtual Office Hours: Register today for the Certification’s Team Virtual Office Hours. This is an opportunity to address any licensure inquiries. April dates available now!

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Naviance Class of 2022 Graduation Survey

Contact: Vernon Pullins Jr.
Email: vpullins@nps.k12.nj.us

Dear High School Teachers,

The Class of 2022 Graduation Survey will be released for seniors to complete in Naviance on Friday, April 29, 2022 at 10:00 am and the survey will close on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. The purpose of the survey is to capture post-secondary plans of the class of 2022. Please share this important information with your high school seniors and their parents/guardians.

Thank you for your time, attention, support and partnership in this effort.


High School Guidance Team


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ELA Office Hours

Contact: Heather Lieberman, Office of Teaching and Learning, ELA
Email: hlieberman@nps.k12.nj.us

The ELA Department is offering Office Hours for teachers. There are a variety of available day/time options to choose from.

As always, any questions or areas of concern are welcome. Please see the document for dates and times.

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Summer Program 2022 Job Applications
Genell Jackson-Lampley, Staff Development
Email: g1lampley@nps.k12.nj.usHere comes the sun, and we are looking for the best and brightest staff for the summer!

The job applications for the 2022 Summer Programs are now available for NBOE employees on Frontline. Programs run from July 5th to August 5th, with Extended School Year concluding on August 12th.

Browse the many opportunities and apply using this brochure: LINK

Easy directions can be found in these quick videos: 

Applications close on April 8th.

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Science Poster Contest
Tracy Cummings, Office of Science
Email: tcummings@nps.k12.nj.usOffice of Science: Poster Competition

Theme: How can we ensure a healthy planet?

To be eligible for judging, all posters must be received by FRIDAY, May 13, 2022.

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Sedge Island Eco-Tour
Tracy Cummings, Office of Science
Email: tcummings@nps.k12.nj.usWhen: August 13, 2022
Time: 8:45 AM- 3:00 PM

Newark Board of Education teachers and administrators are cordially invited to an experiential workshop and eco-tour of the Sedge Island Wildlife Management Area, a remarkable 300- acre estuarine environment teeming with wildlife just off Island Beach State Park, Seaside Park, New Jersey.

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NBOE-Well Healthy Actions Program
Jennifer Medina, Human Resource Services
Email: benefits@nps.k12.nj.usHealth starts here: Join NBOE-Well for the 2022 Healthy Actions Program!

If employees enrolled in one of the Aetna medical plans obtain two (2) of the screenings listed below between January 1st, 2022 through December 31st, 2022, they will earn a $50 gift card.

  • Annual Physical
  • Colonoscopy
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Well woman
  • Mammogram
  • Pap smear
  • Immunization/vaccine (flu, H1N1, pneumococcal, hepatitis b)
  • Prostate Exam

For more information:

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Wellness Program FAQs

Contact: Jennifer Medina, Human Resource Services
Email: benefits@nps.k12.nj.us

NBOE Cares about you! That’s why we launched NBOE Well.

You perform at your best when your health is in check. The 2022 wellness goal is to encourage you to connect with your primary care physician (PCP) to help you discover and manage any medical conditions you may have.

Recent claim data shows, NBOE has been able to identify key targets that should be in the wellness program:

Visiting your PCP and managing your medical health conditions:

For more information:

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Mathematics Teaching Support with 4DMA

Contact: Darleen Gearhart, Office of Mathematics
Email: dgearhart@nps.k12.nj.us

Have a question about math content or pedagogy and want to brainstorm with someone? Schedule a Math 1:1 session with 4DMA! Start here: https://calendly.com/math-1-1/math-1-1-team?month=2022-03

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Curriculum Writers Needed for K-12 ELA

Contact: Elisa Lee, Office of ELA
Email: e1lee@nps.k12.nj.us

The Office of Teaching and Learning is seeking Curriculum Writers to develop English Language Arts curricula for Grades K-12 based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

Apply Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12Ed7exFpnB7pABk2hkX-9QT2H9XOAchrCP9za8KqolE/edit)

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Apply Now for Advisors, Afterschool, Co-Curricular, and Coach Positions

Contact: Rashonna Cosby, Human Resource Services
Email: rcosby@nps.k12.nj.us

Contact: Rhashonna Cosby, Human Resource Services
Email: rcosby@nps.k12.nj.us

We are now accepting applications for internal employees (preferred) and external candidates for Advisors, Afterschool, Co-Curricular, and Coach positions for the 2022–2023 School Year.

Email: perdiemstaffing@nps.k12.nj.us

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Bootstrap Algebra and Data Science

Contact: Darleen Gearhart, Office of Mathematics
Email: dgearhart@nps.k12.nj.us

Grades 7-9 Math teachers are invited to learn/design curricular replacement units for grade 7 and Algebra 1 students using interactive computer programming. Grade 7 Data Science modules incorporate data visualization, measures of center/spread, programming, and linear regression. Algebra 1 modules involve designing characters using mathematical concepts such as coordinate planes, order of operations, ratio and proportion, and domain and range (the underpinnings of algebra). 

  • May 13 – 4:30-8:30pm (Bolden Center)
  • May 14 – 9:00am-3:30pm (Bolden Center)
  • June 11 – 9:00am-3:30pm (Virtual)

Register for all 3 sessions here: https://forms.gle/seSsFqP99on2SAzu7

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