Bills more important than ever

On March 19, the Senate passed the Ch. 78 Relief and ESP Job Justice bills that NJEA members have been advocating for over the last two years and more. Now, with the arrival of COVID-19, those bills are even more important. The $1 billion in savings generated by the Ch. 78 bill will put extra money in the pockets of NJEA members, who can use it to buy necessities and stimulate our economy. And it will provide savings for every New Jersey district as they struggle to balance their budgets in the aftermath of this pandemic. The ESP Job Justice bills provide essential protections to the brave professionals who continue to serve our students in this time of great need. These bills were important before, but they are even more important now, as our state responds to COVID-19.

Please take a few moments today to contact your Assembly representatives. Thank them for the work they are doing to help our state navigate this pandemic, and ask them to support these bills as part of their effort to protect workers and strengthen our state for the difficult days ahead.