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CPR/AED/First Aid—Second Chance Consulting (2-part program—Session 1 and Session 2)
Class offers CPR/AED adult, child, infant, with a two-year completion card and access to a digital book.

2. Courageous Conversation— This workshop is designed to initiate candid, courageous conversa-
tions around social justice issues with the intent to continue having these important conversations where

authentic understanding and meaning occurs. 2 Professional Development Hours

3. What would you do? In this workshop, participants will gain insight and practical experience in repre-
senting members, speaking to administrators and elected officials through active participation. Partici-
pants will have the opportunity to role-play situations all while collaborating with colleagues and support

from our UniServ Staff.

4. Infusing LGBTQ+ into the Curriculum- – This workshop will help to create LGBTQ+-inclusive les-
sons. It will also assist with cross-content lessons infused with related historical events and diversity to

help all students feel connected and engaged. 2 Professional Development Hours

5. Succeeding with Difficult Students— In this workshop, participants will understand the
reasons for challenging behaviors, as well as strategies for dealing with challenging students. Participants
will have the opportunity to learn collaboratively with colleagues, finally, participants can apply what
they learn. 2 Professional Development Hours

6. School Safety

7. Community Cultural Wealth (CCW) – This conversation series is based on Dr. Tara Yosso’s
Community Cultural Wealth (CCW) Framework that identifies six forms of “cultural capital.” This
framework disrupts our implicit bias by re-framing deficit thinking into asset-based thinking and
acknowledges how the collective resilience of historically marginalized communities add tremendous

value to our classrooms and school communities. The focus of this session will invite reflection on AS-
PIRATIONAL CAPITAL, which refers to the ability to maintain hopes and dreams for the future,

even in the face of real and perceived barriers. How can educators collectively recognize and cultivate
ASPIRATIONAL CAPITAL with students in our learning spaces. 2 Professional Development
8. Yoga for Stressed-Out Educators—Alaina Chip
Reduce work-related stress with yoga that you can do during the workday. The mind-body connection,
visualization, self-talk, chair yoga, breathing and lunchtime meditation will be explored.