The LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE shall have broad concern for state and national legislation affecting the interest of the Association. It shall inform members about newly proposed and enacted legislation related to their interests, promote activities leading to the passage of desirable legislation, encourage members to exercise their responsibility to vote and their right to participate in political activity.


The PRIDE/ FAST COMMITTEE (Families and Schools Together work for Children) Shall prepare and send proposals to the NTA President for approval. Shall be responsible for initiating and implementing workshops with parents via schools and or parent groups. Workshops are geared to assist parents with their children.


The NEGOTIATIONS COMMITTEE shall survey the members and prepare a proposed package to be negotiated with the Board of Education by the Association’s negotiating team in all areas of member welfare and general working conditions.


The COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE shall be responsible to keep the general membership informed of Association action through fliers and newsletters. It shall develop a telephone call system for the membership in case of a crisis situation. At least one of its members shall be at the disposal of the Negotiating Team. All communications shall be reviewed by the Association President.

Health & Safety

The HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMITTEE shall bring to the administration all health
and safety concerns of members. Will attend trainings and inform the membership about health and safety issues.


The BUDGET COMMITTEE shall propose to the Executive Committee for action the
budget for the Association each year. Members of the Budget Committee shall have
full and complete access to all financial and other records of the Association pertinent
to the preparation of the annual budget.


Reviews complaints and questions from members concerning contract implementation and possible violations. Represents members in the grievance process. Represents members receive training in the grievance procedure.  


The SOCIAL COMMITTEE shall organize such social activities as may serve the needs of members and promote rapport within the Association.


The MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE shall organize and conduct membership enrollment. Its members shall attempt to enroll cash members, new teachers and former non-members enrolled for the current school year. It shall communicate with members on Automatic Payroll Deduction to return by direct mail any corrections in their status address after receiving their annual membership cards in the mail.


The PROFESSIONAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES COMMITTEE shall explore and prepare programs for securing satisfactory policies and procedures for the redress of grievances. It shall process all grievances filed in accordance with the Agreement and policies adopted by the Association. It shall advise the Executive Committee in situations involving the defense of individual rights.